Album Cover
90 Day Men
Too Late or Too Dead
October 07, 2003


The 90 Day Men's debut, (It[Is]It) Critical Band, was a raucous post-punk album that brought to mind Rodan or Sonic Youth, and the follow-up, To Everybody, was a departure into warm emotional piano-driven territory that brought the band far more recognition. Their latest, this three-track EP, shows the band delving deeper into their new style, creating songs that are even more warm, emotional and piano-driven, and do not at all bring to mind Rodan or Sonic Youth, but more a sort of subdued Radiohead in a particularly warm, emotional and piano-driven mood.

The songs will definitely go over well with fans of the new 90 Day Men, with the possible exception of "Eyes in the Road", an instrumental track with ambient electronic background noise that meanders for a while and goes nowhere in particular. Fans longing for a return of the loud, arty punk 90 Day Men will be disappointed, but both "Too Late or Too Dead" and "Harlequin's Chassis" are good songs, and show promise for the future of the band. The EP is a sort of preview for the band's upcoming full-length, Panda Park, due out in early 2004, on which Too Late or Too Dead's title track will appear.

Noah Jackson

Track List

  1. Too Late or Too Dead
  2. Harlequin's Chassis
  3. Eyes in the Road