The Story

Around 2003, in search of a purpose to their website, Noah Jackson and Zeff Svoboda, a couple of friends in high school, combined their love of music and having opinions into what became Reviews. While the endeavor never had a distinct name, it eventually enveloped the previously scattered, eponymous website. As the two continued to cover the latest "indie" music releases of the early 2000s with their unfiltered opinions, unexpected attention from both independent labels and a few new contributors slowly filtered in. One such contributor, Noah's older brother, also a fan of snarky opinionating, became the sole contributor to the film section of Reviews. For the next year and change, with an unending stream of (sub par) demos from labels in the mailbox, the five regular(ish) contributors produced nearly 200 reviews, interviews, and best-of compilations. Not bad for a few kids in their spare time.

As high school drew to a close for the founders, and as attempts at rebranding to were fraught with confusion, uncertainty, and technical difficulties, the reviews began to dry up. Preparing for their futures and uncertain of how prominent Reviews would be in it, the site stagnated and, by 2006, the splash page was up informing everyone that Reviews and the half-launched Minor Masses were no more. A decade passed and nothing much changed, the sites only kept alive out of a sense of duty and nostalgia.

As a final act of deference to the efforts of the contributors and the whirlwind experience of days gone by, here remains the final resting place of Reviews.

83/100: a worthwhile experience with decent effort; would enjoy again.

The Archive

The Archive consists of the three sections of the original site, Music, Film (aka Movies), and Features. These are unlikely to ever change, though more content may be added to the archive as more of those early and long-since defunct projects are officially "put to pasture".

You can contact Zeff Svoboda with any questions, comments, or concerns.