Album Cover
The Beta Band
The Three EP's
September 28, 1998


The Three EPs is an album put together by combining (you guessed it!) three previous EPs. I enjoy this CD. The first track, Dry the Rain, is simply amazing. It’s got a great groove to it, and it’s a very laid back feeling song. Some great things happen in it, from the slightly odd lyrics to the interlude (I think it is the interlude, I might be completely confused on that) when the harmonica comes in. I Know comes up next and goes all the way solid with that bass line (which happens to distort uglily on some speakers on one of the notes.) B+A starts out in a similar way with the repeating guitar riff. Dog's Got a Bone begins similarly to Dry the Rain, with just a laid back groove. The harmonica and congas sound great. Also, the vocals are very well done on this song - good harmonies and group singing. House Song loops some vocals and I really like the way it does it - it’s similar to a song that adds things one instrument at a time, but it does it with vocals and it sounds really cool once all of them are in; I like the way they interrelate. About half way through it suddenly turns into a french (?) rap. After the rap the whole CD seems to drop off a bit. The last four minutes of the song are less interesting. Monolith picks up where House Song leaves off, with mostly random sounds and beats and samples. Interestingly it throws in a little bit of Dry the Rain towards the end; a very eclectic song. Things normalize a bit after that but remain very unique. She’s the One is a good song and has an enjoyable moment that goes on a little too long when the vocals become very high-pitched. Unfortunately, the album doesn’t really pick up again after that. There are some pretty good songs, but not any as good as much of the first half. Needles in my Eyes is the best of the last few, but doesn’t really get me going the same way the beginning does.

Andrew Vavoulis

Track List

  1. Dry the Rain
  2. I Know
  3. B+A
  4. Dog's Got a Bone
  5. Inner Meet Me
  6. The House Song
  7. Monolith
  8. She's the One
  9. Push it Out
  10. It's Over
  11. Dr. Baker
  12. Needles in my Eyes