Album Cover
Arab on Radar
The Stolen Singles
Three One G
March 18, 2003


Arab on Radar are, due to irreconcilable differences, no more; however, Three-One-G are rereleasing all of their previously unavailable material, including this collection of unreleased singles. The first thing you will notice upon playing the disc is that it sounds nothing like Arab on Radar, at least for the first two songs, "Inventor" and "Aisle Five", which fall within the limits of respectable dance-punk-no wave. Pretty much the rest of the album, though, is more along the lines of their past albums, with the signature high-pitched nasal squeal-shout of the equally signature offensive, obscene or confusing vocals. Mostly, the album is pretty average, with the exceptions of a few excellent songs. Many of the songs ("Samurai Fight Song" through "Three Meals Away from a Crack Whore") are mixed poorly and the vocals are nearly inaudible (and completely indecipherable) behind the instruments. Spotty as it may be, and while it's mostly not as immediately likeable as the highlights of Yahweh or the Highway, this album does a good job of documenting the changes in the group over the years. It's definitely worth a listen from fans of the band, but probably won't hold much appeal to anyone else.

Noah Jackson

Track List

  1. Inventor
  2. Aisle Five
  3. Kangaroo
  4. Pig Roast
  5. 7.2
  6. Samurai Fight Song
  7. Swimming with a Hard-On
  8. Piggin' in the Pumpkin Patch
  9. Three Meals Away from a Crack Whore
  10. Running for Asthma
  11. Miss American Hair Pie
  12. O. Henry