Album Cover
The Coup
Party Music
75 Ark
November 06, 2001


In the era of Public Enemy, The Coup could have been one of the biggest Rap groups in the world, however, with the emergence of Gangster Rap in the mid-nineties they were delegated to a small, but loving audience. Based in the San Francisco Bay, the duo (formerly a trio, rapper E-Roc left after their 1994 release Genocide & Juice) has the unique ability to mix rap and funk sounds, with powerful lyrics to tell stories and call all Americans to action.

This album marks return of to their militant leftist beliefs that I think was absent from Steal this Album (1998). At the same time, however, it does continue the excellent storytelling tools the duo picked up in their previous album. The mixing of Pam the Funktress is excellent, and the rhymes of Boots Reilly inspire young socialist. Although this CD is clearly meant for young angry African-American males, I felt, as a Caucasian, the significances still stood true.

The CD carries a powerful message; it is everyone's responsibility to take political action, this message is carried through the album, but is especially prevalent in "Everythang," "Get Up," and "Ride the Fence." At the same time, "Wear Clean Draws" tells a powerful story for Boots Reilly's Daughter, and "Lazymutherfucka" is a satirical look at the differences between rich and poor, and the hard work poor people have to do. The only complaint I can find with the album is it seems to be calling for violence, which could turn some liberals, especially pacifist, off.

Overall, this is one of the best rap CD I've ever heard, it has some excellent beats, tells some powerful stories, and to top it off, it has a political message behind it. If you don't like Rap, or believe that a socialist uprising is a bad thing this album is not for you, otherwise this is CD is definitely one to add to your collection. Finally, any band that can find rhymes to equilibrium, and verbatim, should be given a chance.

Justin Hardy

Track List

  1. Everythang
  2. 5 Million Ways to Kill a C.E.O.
  3. Wear Clean Draws
  4. Ghetto Manifesto
  5. Get Up
  6. Tight
  7. Ride the Fence
  8. Nowalaters
  9. Pork and Beef
  10. Heven Tonite
  11. Thought About It 2
  12. Lazymuthafucka