Album Cover
Eszter Balint
March 09, 2004


Man, don't even bother. Don't even try to introduce yourself to Ms. Balint because, I'm telling you, it won't work. When you see her after the show, trust me, don't even attempt it. Chances are she'll just evaporate when you reach greeting range. I mean, she's simply too cool for you, bro. Believe me, I'd be the first to namedrop, obscuriate, and hip-speak in order to meet her. So, it's not going to happen; don't bother, like I said. I'm not even sure she exists. What? Yeah, I know. I can see her up there, but that has to be some sort of three dimensional projection or camera trick. Look, she even spells her name with a 'z.' If that's not ultra hip I'm a slacker's lackey, and I'm no lackey. Well, whatever. Go ahead, but don't say I didn't warn you.

Oh, your back now, huh? See, I told you. She's a veritable hipsterella. It has to be those leathery Fionna Apple-esque vocals. But, you're right. She has much better lyrical content and, damn, that instrumentation is on top of it's game. Well, I was impressed at how much ground she covered in her last album. What was it called? Oh, yeah -Mud. Why on earth did she give her album such a simple name? I mean, the music is blues-inspired and often folksy-rock. But, it's much more complex than the three syllabic title would suggest. I guess it's the whole "more is less" thing. Which actually works well, since her sound is sorta a hodge-podge of mood-rock, alt-country, and Americana. All of which are very earthy and down-home cookin' feeling.

Well, if your still not convinced she's über-cool, then all I have to tell you is that she's from Hungary, which is like insta-cred, and that she used to be an actress. I guess it makes sense that someone could segue her acting abilities into vocal delivery. What? Of course, I remember David Hasselhoff's entry into the music scene. That was a disaster. This, on the other hand, is captivating. I was enamored by the time I heard "This Lie" off Mud. I still don't have a clue what she's saying. In fact, I don't even care, it's not glaringly cheesy or anything. In fact, if I wasn't so captivated by the vocals and music I might even like what she has to say. I'm telling you, you'll never have a chance with her, just go buy the album and cry yourself to sleep.

Jacob Daley

Track List

  1. Pebbles and Stones
  2. Here We Are
  3. Good Luck
  4. It
  5. No One
  6. This Lie
  7. Paperweight
  8. Your God
  9. Weeds
  10. Who Are You Now