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Things Explode
It's Never Worked Before
Science Trap


Things Explode was sore disappointment in a single respect. In the times I've listened to the album, my cd player has failed to explode. I tried several players, even encouraging the disc towards destruction by ripping tracks to my laptop, but the liar refused to even combust. I think all explosions everywhere stop whenever I play the disc. I suppose it's never worked for them before, either. Maybe the album title tries to justify the monumental failure to ignite.

In more musical respects, It's has great achievements. It's has a detectable energy surplus on several tracks, and also is capable of a mellowing experience. I Picked You Out draws a foot tapping even from me, the least dancing of humans. The chorus is filled with hypnotic messages, I think, or more likely it's just really good. It's quite impressive how energy filled it is. German Math benefits from that same energy, it is quite catchy without getting too repetitive.

The lead track, Destruction Tactic, is also well done except for the chant of "hey hey hey hey" during the chorus, which is painfully abrasive. I don't really know what the goal of coarse background shouts was, but it really bothered me to the point of damaging the rest of the song. It's a decent song minus that.

On the more somber end of things (explode) Raise the Band is a calmer song that also is very effective at getting your attention. This Letter Bleeds also has this same calming effect, with a very different set of vocals. Things Explode have very good integration between all the instruments and vocals. Most things blend together perfectly, with the occasional digital effect thrown in just to keep things interesting.

Overall, It's Never Worked Before is a very good album, with all 4 (sometimes 5, sometimes digitally aided) members in touch with each other, with nothing truly standing out, either very good or very bad. It's a worthwhile listen.

Nick Petschl

Track List

  1. Destruction Tactic
  2. German Math
  3. Immigrant Gold
  4. Raise the Band
  5. Steamshovel Reminder
  6. I Picked You Out (Of a Lineup Last Night)
  7. This Letter Bleeds
  8. How Big We Are (Reprise)