Album Cover
Bunch of Believers
It's a Ska Ska Ska Ska World
Li'l Buddy
April 06, 1999


First some background. My parents bought this for me at age 12. I liked it because it was my first CD. However, soon after reciving CD number 2, I realized that CD number 1 was the worst thing ever.

BOB uses the traditional christian ska band theme of writing about stuff to support parents in their quest to impose ultra conservative morality upon their children. I'm all for songs with underlying themes, as long as you require some level of thought to reduce the analogies to their base form. Five Iron, a better ska band, does this subtle nature well. So, if you are seeking to inform your children that being homeschooled was a benefit, and not merely an attempt to shelter them from the world for 12 extra years so they are somewhat lacking in social skills at age 19, this is the CD for you.

Any possible benefit this CD could have is killed by the pair of lead singers. Imagine if you will, myself, a person of ordinary singing talent, pinching my nose with some sort of iron clothespin, and being a girl, and you get the idea.

Overall, this CD couold have been much, much better. It is good for instructional purposes, perhaps, but if you like thoughtful or funny lyrics with your music, steer clear. The guitars and skas are fair, but really get drowned out by nasal rantings. It really could have been much, much better.

Nick Petschl

Track List

  1. Mission Trip to Mexico
  2. Homeschool Girl
  3. I'm Not Ashamed
  4. Goodwill Day
  5. I'm Gonna Wait
  6. Doctor in the House
  7. Pastor Dancing
  8. Break It on Down
  9. What I Believe
  10. It's a Ska, Ska, Ska, Ska World