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Army of Me
Fake Ugly
Pop Up


Taking their name from the Björk song of the same title, Army of Me is an indie outburst of band comparisons. While the list doesn't actually include Björk, this DC based band is slowly creeping out of obscurity. Army of Me's music is incredibly similar to the sonic riffs of Weezer, and their vocals are much like a British sounding, less whiny version of Jimmy Eat World, while the whole ends up sounding sometimes like a newly born, and still struggling Ted Leo and the Pharmacists. Unfortunately, the band's rock pop ends up sounding remarkably radio-friendly and MTV ready. While Fake Ugly is a reasonably enjoyable experience, the undeniable feeling of lack of originality is overbearing, and Army of Me could almost be the indie alter-ego of Taking Back Sunday or any other similarly popular band. The band's website gives them away: They pridefully list such jokes-of-a-bands as Good Charlotte, American Hi-Fi, and Brand New as bands they've played shows with. Even though they share their name with a Björk song, Army of Me is almost the antithesis of what Björk's work stands for. Don't forget, this EP is still catchy and fun for most of its running time, and, while a full length might be an overdone and unenjoyable experience, Fake Ugly proves Army of Me to be a guilty pleasure. Are you daring enough to take them on?

Andrew Wexler

Track List

  1. Breath
  2. Fake Ugly
  3. Frozen
  4. Be By
  5. Too Many Walls
  6. Rained Stained Melodies