Album Cover
September 28, 2004


The album's opener, "Next Exit", is an obvious throwback to Book of Dreams era Steve Miller, with none of the charm or flare that such hits as "Jungle Love" contained. The song almost sounds as though Interpol took "Jet Air Liner", Mountain Dew Livewire, and some sauerkraut, and just threw it all in a blender. The song does sound as bad as it tastes. I know this because I possess a machine that allows me to taste music. "Not Even Jail", the much publicized sequel to the critically lambasted and downright godawful "PDA", is more of the same. Talk of copious amounts of living room furniture is again the order of the day, and singer Daniel Kessler's vocals have fought with far too many dragons to be of any importance in this day and age.

The rest of the album is the entirety of the "Garfield" movie soundtrack, which was great but didn't need to be reissued here. It's a disappointment that a band once able to suck on their own has turned to plagiarism, but hey, that's life in the fast line.

In conclusion, Interpol sucks. Phish sucks. Flaming Lips suck. Wilco sucks. Ryan Adams sucks. And most of all, Pat Sajak kicks ass.

Remember kids: next time you're going to start a band, think of Interpol. They should serve as a model of what not to be.

Argyle Papillon

Track List

  1. Next Exit
  2. Evil
  3. Narc
  4. Take You on a Cruise
  5. Slow Hands
  6. Not Even Jail
  7. Public Pervert
  8. C'mere
  9. Length of Love
  10. A Time to Be So Small