Movie Poster
Super Size Me
Morgan Spurlock
98 min.


Morgan Spurlock has jockeyed himself into position to be the next Michael Moore: an egomaniacal camera-whore who occasionally stumbles into a few good jokes (remember Roger and Me?) and sometimes even has something interesting to say (yep, still talking about Roger and Me).

The premise, of course, Morgan eats McDonalds three meals a day for a month. He gains seventeen pounds in the first twelve days. Mid way through his doctors all but beg him to stop. All the while his camera remains lovingly trained on his own face.

Some of the jokes are good. Some fall flat. But they come quick enough that it is never too long without a laugh. Overall, the most successful of the film's conceits is the way the soundtrack comments on his progress. Footage of Ronald McDonald playing in a band is set beside Curtis Mayfield ("I'm your momma, I'm your daddy, I'm that nigger in the alley"). And with "Yummy yummy yummy I've got love in my tummy," you cannot help but crack a smile. A smile which widens when, early in week one, Morgan pukes out the drivers window of his sport utility vehicle.

It's an adequate Michael Moore imitation. Which makes it better than the last two Michael Moore movies.

Pat Jackson